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In the jumble sale moved into Sackville Park. It's some kind of liberation and celebration when we must buy a costly ticket and pay private security guards if we want to be safe in the gay part of Manchester. Who paid for the policing and clean up for the disasterous Glasgow Rangers celebration in Piccadilly induring which football fans, who don't even live in Manchester, partied, trashed the city centre and fought with the police? These days current LGBT events and our history are a subject for study. I don't say that there aren't good aspects to Manchester Pride and the LGF but there is a vast amount of positive coverage out there already and my site doesn't need to add more.

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Right across society there are problems with the gross commercialisation of everything.

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Queer As Folk, equality laws and politicians who have sold our community down the river, have ensured that just about every venue in the gay village is now 'mixed'. Although there was an outcry about Mardi Gras infor years after there was little criticism or discussion except on my own websites from onwards. The video will start in 8 Cancel Play now.

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The BBC sometimes says tens of thousands at the parade and the Associated Press puts the figure at 45, and provoked an outcry when it published the truth.

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