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With the hogshead properly fastened tothe charger shell 50 a prizing machine 55 then operates to introduce tobacco Within the hogshead 30 vis. The head is then placed within the hogshead in the same relative position as shown in FIGURE lll in connection with the bottom head 48 and the wires within the top chime of the top hoop-and-liner pulled tightly and twisted together so as to maintian such top in place. Goffney of incompetence, while Mr. FIGURE 17 illustrates the fact that the top is loose enough to permit the tobacco hogshead top 61 to be placed within the hogshead 30 on top of the prized tobacco. A collapsible box embodying a bottom, side and end members, the engaging portions of said members each provided with a series of separated projecting lugs arranged at right angles to the lug-bearing members, the lugs on the side and end members arranged in alternation with respect to the lugs on the bottom member, the lugs on the bottom member adapted to lap the outer face of the side and end members and the lugs on the side and end members adapted to lap the under face of the bottom member when said box is assembled, and a cover secured to the upper portions of the side and end members. This corset is indicated at 56 and is designed to surround the hogshead between the upper and lower hoops-and-liners. But the real question is not so much who will be on the Clinton Administration's short list but rather will anyone really want the job.

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He established Marman Products Company, Inc.

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Since the weight of the shell 50 is supported from the legs 51 land since the basic pressures occurring during the prizing of the tobacco are vertical: After the hogshead has been brought to the condition of FIGURE 3 it is then stitched so as to maintain the fold strips 37 and 38 adjacent the ends of the stave portions Another object of this invention is to provide a hogsv head which may be wrapped around a cask of tobacco' after the hogshead in which the tobacco was lirst packed has been removed.

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But most of those proposals have been rejected, according to James Boyle, now a visiting professor at Yale University law school.

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