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Market saturation and an endless pool of "talent" has nipped those prices in the bud for good. R65, that was hilarious! The show was annoying. I want to "milest" him! In the Episode you can see that Aaron is authentically vulnerable when he attempts to reveal his sexuality to his family. The benefit of working exclusively for Falcon the way Matt does is they also provide healthcare coverage and he earns a small cut of the online and DVD profits.

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His coming out had nothing to do with courage and everything to do with shameless self promotion nobody loves attention more than porn stars.

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He's hot as fuck but seriously deluded. How can one find this out? The rest burn out within a few years and that's the end of their career. He also was billed as an exclusive top Keir Grey on ChaosMen: And of course, the entire rest of the all-caps rant is all about guys. It is on tonight at 11pm.

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That's why the big studio is promoting him as a bottom. How can one find this out? HE is not particularly manly. Maybe it's easier for everyone. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies.

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