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Andrew worked in one of the various coal mines in the region before relocating to Michigan with his young family and his in-laws. Be sure to hand wash them to keep them this way! Edit Article Add New Article. Most are in pristine condition, quite remarkable considering that this glassware is now years old! This is the only known instance of a Gay Fad piece carrying anything other than a Gay Fad signature or insignia. Want to test your own Gay Fad knowledge? Currier and Ives, who employed a staff of artists and an assembly line of female colorists, produced more than 1 million prints which are still cherished today.

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These fruit designs were quickly followed by International Ballet, a set of 8 frosted tumblers, each depicting a dancer in the native costume of his or her country, and Poppy, which comes in four different colors:

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Kitty Price kitty kittywrites. Heirloom quality glassware to be used with pride and passed down for generations! A visitor alights from his horse-drawn carriage and steps up on the roofed porch of a log cabin where the lady and gentleman of the house have come out the front door to greet him. Most are in pristine condition, quite remarkable considering that this glassware is now years old! The Gay Fad Studio is big business that grew out of a simple idea; but remember, it got its start as a home industry ten years ago when enamel painting was new. Silver Fantasy pieces, available with platinum bands as well as sterling silver bands, are very scarce since Gay Fad introduced the design inonly a year before going out of business. We have two of these glasses and price is for each.

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This is a tall frosted fruit glass produced by Federal Glass and hand-painted in a colorful fruit design that shows raspberries, pineapple slices, and cherries emanating from a cornucopia. But the best advice to new Gay Fad collectors is actually a warning: That mystery was solved when a lovely lady named Pat sent us an email identifying her aunt, Fran Taylor, as the founder of Gay Fad Studios. McGrady recently completed a book on the product. If you already have a few of these glasses and need to complete your set, see our individual Beau Brummel glass.

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