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Is that necessarily true for gay parents in our Texas family law courts? Stability and prediction of parenting stress. In addition, whereas early study samples consisted mainly of children originally born into heterosexual relationships that subsequently dissolved when one parent came out as gay or lesbian, recent samples are more likely to include children conceived within a same-sex relationship or adopted in infancy by a same-sex couple. In some countries the donor can choose to be anonymous for example in Spain and in others they cannot have their identity withheld United Kingdom. Gartrell and Bos studied 78 children conceived through donor insemination and raised by lesbian mothers. Interacting systems in human development.

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Given the small number of children with severe problems, we created one variable to capture the presence of developmental problems, such that the perceived presence of a problem was coded as 1, and the perceived absence of a problem was coded as 0.

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Same-sex marriage and Same-sex marriage and the family. Basic Books; Teach your children.

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While "once gay and lesbian parents attain parenthood status[…] they almost never lose it" this is not the case for trans parents, as seen with the cases of Suzanne Daly and Martha Boydtwo trans women who both had their parental rights, with regard to biological children, terminated on the basis of their diagnosis of gender identity disorder and their trans status.

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