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Composition of the atmosphere second gas law In atom: As was customary, he continued to hold several teaching posts simultaneously; however, his major income during his later years was derived from a series of governmental and industrial consultancies. His father was a public prosecutor and judge advocate, and the political unrest surrounding the French Revolution played an early role in young Joseph's development. After having had private lessons and attending a boarding school, the Ecole Polytechnique and the civil engineering school, Gay-Lussac became an assistant to Berthollet who was himself a co-worker of Lavoisier. The research for which Gay-Lussac is perhaps most famous involves the experiments with gases he completed early in his scientific career. David A. Gay-Lussac's contribution was a process for recycling the nitrogen monoxide after oxidizing it to NO 2.

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May 5, See Article History. Question, Hypothesis, Experiment including careful measurement, reproducibility, independent observations in other laboratories to devise an explanation of how gases combine--the resulting Law of Combining Volumes was announced at a meeting of the Societe Philomatique in Paris on December 31, The ratio between the volumes of the reactant gases and the gaseous products can be expressed in simple whole numbers.

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Ammonia, for example, decomposed to give three times as much hydrogen by volume as nitrogen.

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