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If the treatment is proven safe and effective, it could benefit the babies of other transgender women, as well as women who adopt or those who have difficulty breastfeedingsays Safer. By Kate Sosin. But breast-feeding for transgender women had not been officially documented. Key terms and concepts Gender vs. Anyone who practices binding during the lactation period should be advised of the risks of doing so, and should monitor the health of their chest closely. By Manuel Betancourt. La Leche League is an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organisation.

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It has everything a growing baby needs in exactly the right amounts and babies can easily digest it all.

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Within a month, according to the journal Transgender Healththe woman, 30, who was born male, was producing droplets of milk. The Court of Arbitration for Sport has decided that female athletes with atypically high levels of testosterone must take testosterone-lowering medication in order to compete in certain events. In its most recent narrative symposium, Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics published personal stories from those living with chronic pain or opioid abuse disorder. However, is there an ethical way to find out?

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Moreover, the benefits to an infant of breastfeeding are not merely the nutritional value of the breast milk itself but also the close and frequent skin to skin contact that appears to correlate with better health and development outcomes.

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