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We do not have any tags for Malchik Gay lyrics. General Comment Well I used to have the first english CD but I lost it so I can't tell you wants wrong with the song but the title does mean Gay Boy and I do think it is about a girl that falls in love with a gay guy. Ot stida ne krasnei, Mal'chik-gei, mal'chik-gei Polozhi na druzei, Mal'chik-gei, mal'chik-gei Ot menya ofigei Mal'chik-gei, gei Malchik gei Malchik gei I can be all your need Won't you please stay with me? General Comment The song is definitely "Malchick Gei" because that is what it says on the album cover It is about a girl who thought she was a lesbian but then fell in love with a gay boy. Last activities. So it is definitely "malchik gei" gay boynot "malchiky" boys. Although t.

malchic gay tatu
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Translation in English.

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Choking Back emotion I try to keep on hoping For a way, A reason for us both to Come in close I long for you to hold me Like your boyfriend does And though my dream is Slowly fading I wanna be the object object object object Of your passion, but it's hopeless Malchik gei Malchik gei I can be All your need Won't you please Stay with me? I don't see why the premise of the band matters if the music is good. Top lyrics Community Contribute Business.

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It's purpose was to appeal to ALL stereotypes, so as to sell and popularize everywhere.