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Asian Voices. This channel will document our relationship, thoughts and opinions on the world, experiences in New York City, stories from journeys past and present, and the laughs we've shared along the way. Whilst reeling from the shock, thankfully I avoided saying anything that my son would feel hurt or rejected by. You can always steal what we tell our kids: I vlog and stuff like that. Yes, I am a gay.

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Vinny documents his journey through videos highlighting his relationships, travels, and self improvement.

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Nomadic Boys is our blog chronicling our adventures. The extent to which possessing multiple stigmatized identities might shape self-worth remains to be seen, as does the extent to which this or a similar phenomenon applies to women. Of course, there are plenty of masculine gay men, and there's nothing inherently "straight" about masculinity. The famous Iguazu Falls are a bucket-list item for many travellers, both gay and straight.

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Here to share glimpse of our ordinary life with our crazy pug!

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